Cealus Health

Despite the large amount of research and medication, the number of patients with Type 2 Diabetes worldwide is still growing. Caelus Health develops treatment methods that reduce the risk of developing diabetes in people with obesity and cardiovascular diseases. They do this with the aid of supplements and treatment methods that focus on micro-organisms in the intestines, such as Eubacterium hallii for instance.

This intestinal bacterium occurs in almost everyone and can affect insulin resistance. People with increased resistance are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Treating them with E. hallii can reduce that resistance and the risk of developing diabetes.

Rapid communication and contributing creative ideas

Caelus HealthFor a growing company in life sciences, it is very important to properly record their intellectual property, which is why EP&C has been helping Caelus Health to protect their products and therapies for years. Based on his experience in life sciences, patent attorney Mark Jolink monitors the developments and innovations on a regular basis and gives advice on how these can be of added value to the company. CEO Lucas Sterkman: "We are particularly pleased with the rapid communication and the creative ideas they contribute on ordinary and not so ordinary matters".

Based on a strong patent portfolio, Caelus Health is growing steadily and has managed to enter into collaborations with some major international partners.