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"We strive to create entrepreneurial space for our clients to turn their inventions into innovations!"

Mark Jolink studied Bioprocess Technology at Wageningen University and joined EP&C as a patent attorney in 2010. After completing his studies, he did his doctoral research at Radboud University on innovation management, with a specific focus on the food industry.

Since 2017 Mark has been an IP partner at StartLife on the campus of Wageningen University, where he gives start-ups advice on IP-related issues.

Mark is experienced in molecular biology, DNA technology and immunology, and has experience in various complex patent cases in the field of Life Sciences. Mark also regularly gives lectures and workshops on IP strategy.

Mark has a broad interest in technology and science, tries to unravel things in order to get to the heart of the matter and is not easily distracted. "As a patent attorney, you try to make the most of the technical, legal and strategic possibilities in order to broadly protect a new product or process against counterfeiting. This is how we create the entrepreneurial space for our clients to turn their invention into an innovation."


JUVE Patent is a online platform with daily reporting on the European patent market. Mark is recommended as an expert in pharma en biotechnology.


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Scientific publications

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