Supplementary Protection Certificates 

Our specialized SPC team can help you with all aspects of Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs). For patents protecting medicinal or plant protection products, it may be possible to obtain an extension of patent protection for up to 5 years via application for a Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC). The possibility of a 5-year patent extension has been introduced to compensate for the increasing gap between the start of the patent term and the obtainment of a market authorization for medicinal and plant protection products.

Requirements for An SPC

To obtain a Supplementary Protection Certificate, the main requirements are that (1) you are the proprietor of a granted patent protecting the product in question and (2) you have a granted market authorisation for that product.

EXPERTiSe and experts

EP&C successfully handles filing and prosecution of SPC applications in the Netherlands and coordinates filing and prosecution of SPC applications over Europe. Our attorneys are experienced in navigating through the evolving European case law to make sure our clients are in the strongest position to obtain a granted SPC. With expertise spanning pharmaceuticals, biologics, and agrochemicals, you can be assured that we have the technical knowledge and experience to exhaust every possible route to achieve your objectives. Contact our specialist on Supplementary Protection Certificates Mark Jolink or Wendy van Zoelen.

Mark Jolink, Ph.D.

Mark Jolink


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