Missed deadline? Restoration of patent (application) may be still possible

Of course, you never miss a deadline. All your people are skilled and trained and all safety checks are  in place. However, these things do happen. In many cases (but not all) it may be possible to remedy this situation by filing a restoration request in the Netherlands or at the European Patent Office.

Most common cases

The most common reasons to request the restoration of patents are:

  1. Failure to validate a European patent in the Netherlands correctly and on time;
  2. Failure to pay a renewal fee on time; and
  3. Failure to enter the European regional phase after PCT.

Act quickly - restoration period

The general rule is that a Restoration Request, which is also referred to as a Request for Re-establishment of Rights or Restitutio in Integrum, must be filed within 2 months after the lapse is first established. However, this time limit may be considerably shorter because in general there is also a cut-off point – depending on the case this ranges from between 2-12 months - calculated from the missed deadline. Moreover, the case has to be presented in as much detail as possible from the start because it is not always possible to add further information at a later stage. For all these reasons it is important to act quickly and to not waste valuable time.

Requirements for successful Restoration of patent

In order to be successful in a Restoration of patent, it is essential to prove that the ‘all due care’ requirement has been met. In general this boils down to describing the administrative procedures in place at the parties concerned and explaining that these are safe and solid when it comes to foreseeable errors and showing that the missed deadline is due to an excusable error.

Our expert

Over the years Yme has been involved in numerous Restoration Cases. His experience, his eye for detail and his interest in administrative architectures all ensure that he is very successful in restoration of patents.

Yme Groeneveld, M.Sc.
Yme Groeneveld


Yme Groeneveld is a Dutch and European patent attorney and a partner at EP&C. He never loses sight of the ultimate goal but is nevertheless flexible, which means that he is able to respond to any developments that take place.

Thanks to his structured approach, he is able to track down important details that could be crucial for your Restoration Case. These skills make him a top Dutch expert in the restoration of patent cases in the Netherlands and Europe.


Contact Yme:
Phone: +31 70 414 54 72
E-mail: yme.groeneveld@epc.nl
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