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Core values: sharing thoughts and ideas in our blood

Kernwaarde meedenken zit in ons bloed

EP&C has 10 qualities that make it unique. They are the reason why our clients like to work with us. In a series of blogs we want to explain these qualities in more detail. Quality #1: sharing thoughts and ideas is in our blood.

It may seem obvious that we share thoughts and ideas. If we didn't, what good would we be as a patent agency? But sharing thoughts and ideas goes much further than just writing a good patent. Sometimes we even recommend that a client does not apply for a patent. We also take a critical look at your innovation when you may have thought that you were ready to patent it.


A lot of new clients don't realise that all patent attorneys at EP&C have a scientific or technical background. We all have degrees in engineering, but some of us are also experts in the field of life sciences, (bio)chemistry or biomedical sciences.

This means that we are not only able to share thoughts and ideas on how to protect your innovation but also on the actual innovation itself. From polymers to wind turbines and from medicines to horticultural equipment. This means that our clients can come to us when developing an innovation even if it is not yet ready for a patent. We can share thoughts and ideas on possible improvements, the kind of follow-on developments that are possible and what needs to be done differently for the invention to be novel and innovative.

If clients are already further along in the process, we will know their full client and patent portfolio and keep an eye on what their competitors are doing. This way, our ability to share thoughts and ideas will grow with our clients' development.

More than an essential step

At EP&C we are pleased that clients are able to find us early on in the process. This enables us to share thoughts and ideas with them from a strategic point of view. For instance on whether a patent or design registration should be filed and when would be the right time to do so. So feel free to call us if you are still in the middle of the development phase. We will start by brainstorming with you. What is possible in terms of protection? What already exists and how can we make smart use of it? Above all, how are you going to make money with this patent? By sharing thoughts and ideas on the innovation and protection the patent will be given an important place in the development process. It then becomes more than an essential step before you can go to market.

Going home with homework

At EP&C, we don't sell patents. We want to give clients what they need, not just what they ask for. After all, a patent should add value to your business. A patent is often a sensible choice, but not always. In the case of the latter, we'll say so. That too is part of sharing thoughts and ideas. We are positively critical towards our clients and sometimes send them home with some homework. After weighing up all the pros and cons, we will start a patent application in a targeted manner. We will then share thoughts and ideas on how the patent can offer the broadest possible protection and how to ensure that the patent application remains affordable.

Sharing thoughts and ideas is in my personal interest too as it makes my work much more enjoyable. It means that I can be involved in a great innovation with potential from an early stage. It also means that I can really contribute to my clients' success. Please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to share my thoughts and ideas with you!