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" You add value to inventions with your knowledge and expertise."

Thomas Remmerswaal studied Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Delft University. After graduating Thomas joined EP&C as trainee patent attorney in 2015 and is a Dutch & European Patent Attorney for EP&C since 2021. Thomas also advises clients on design protection.

Thomas has been fascinated by technology since he was young. He enjoys incorporating all facets of this extensive field into his work as patent attorney. “We work with clients to analyse problems, processes and solutions right to the core. To do this, we need to be able to distinguish key issues from irrelevant information quickly.”      

Thomas is inquisitive, analytical and helpful. “I have a critical eye for detail and get great satisfaction from playing a part in the development process of a new invention. This gives me the opportunity to share the knowledge and expertise I have acquired, as well as add value to the inventions. I feel honoured to be able to contribute in this way and support inventors in protecting their intellectual property. It is essential to keep asking critical questions in order to establish the best possible solution.”

Once a month Thomas takes office in Wageningen at start-up accelerators Startlife and Starthub to offer advise and assist on all matters concerning Intellectual Property (IP).


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