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Everything you need to know about Intellectual Property infringement

There is lots to tell about Infringements. What exactly are they, when do you infringe, how do you avoid infringements, etc. 

We have created a nine-part BL&G series about this topic because it plays an important role in the service we provide.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our patent attorneys.

BL&G 1 - What is an infringement and when do you infringe?

BL&G 2 - How to identify third-party rights and ensure that you do not infringe.

BL&G 3 - In these situations a patent owned by one of your competitors will not get in your way and you will not be infringing.

BL&G 4 - Your competitor has a patent but you nevertheless want to enter the market without infringing. This is how you do it.

BL&G 5 - Someone is infringing your Intellectual Property rights. This is what you have to do.

BL&G 6 - Because there is no such thing as patent police, Martijn Vermeulen gives 4 tips on how to track down infringements.

BL&G 7 - Establishing an infringement is one thing, but producing valid proof is a different matter altogether. Robert-Jan is familiar with how this works and this is how he tackles it.

BL&G 8 - Is it possible to infringe your own invention? An example from practice

BL&G 9 - Is it better to call someone to account regarding an infringement via an interim injunction or substantive proceedings? Tips for the best strategy to adopt when calling someone to account regarding an infringement.