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Blog | How to make money with a patent without any hassle | EP&C

How_to_make_money_with_a_patent_without_any_hassle.jpgA good idea and a good patent. That combination can lead to commercial success, even without you implementing, manufacturing or bringing the idea to market yourself.

A Dutch engineering company, for example, designed a cheap, portable eye scanner. It is perfect for use in urban areas in developing countries. What makes the scanner special is that it has a dual functionality. The device can check both the cornea and the retina, making it an excellent pre-scanner. If an eye condition is established during its use, the patient can be referred to a clinic or hospital.

Patent sold including technology

I arranged the patent application at the designers' request. After that the patent, including the technology, was sold to an Indian party. This meant that the company was able to cash in on the invention without the hassle of getting involved in its implementation, manufacture or marketing.