Innovative applications in greenhouses worldwide

Wear-resistant clamping bush and Quick-zip screen system

AlwecoALWECO Scherminstallaties develops greenhouse screen systems for the global horticultural industry and is located in Westland, a region at the heart of the Dutch agricultural and horticultural industry. The company focuses on continuous product development and innovation and has developed two newest inventions: the Quick-Zip screen system and the Ultra Groove clamping bush.

The Quick-Zip screen system is extremely easy to install and is suitable for use with any type of fabric, in any greenhouse of any size. With this system, you can mount the fabric from the side of the screen system and there is no need for staff to carry out manual construction at numerous places throughout the greenhouse. Moreover, the zip-like system makes it safer when installing the fabric at great heights.

Fabric greenhouses are constantly moving, which causes wear on the cables at a rapid rate. To combat this problem, ALWECO has developed the Ultra Groove clamping bush. This has a spiral groove for guiding the cable when rolling and unrolling. This means that the various cables cannot touch each other and wear is considerably reduced. The clamping bush has been designed in such a way that it is also easy to install on existing pulley systems.

Patents support business strategies

EP&C drafted and submitted the patent applications for each of these inventions. We also worked with ALWECO to develop a patent strategy that supported its business strategy. When drafting the patent applications, we took a number of things into consideration including the scope of the protection, the choice of countries and possible ways of obtaining subsidies, like the Dutch Innovatiebox.