Neurosurgeon P. Depauw

Inflatable lift system for patients during back operations

Creative invention aids convenience and hygiene

Depauw Jack Knife PositionPatients that have to undergo a back operation, have to lie flat on their backs on the operating table whilst they are being prepared for surgery. Once the operation starts, they need to be turned onto their stomachs. They are laid on top of cushions, which often cause discomfort such as trapped nerves, increased venous pressure in the stomach or pressure-induced ulceration.

According to neurosurgeon Paul Depauw, who performs a great many back operations, this is hard work and quite a lot of fuss for everyone involved. In response, he has designed an inflatable positioning cushion that is attached to the patient. It supports the patient in exactly the right places, in a way that is anatomically correct. This is a great deal more comfortable for the OR staff and for the patient. It also reduces the risk of trapped nerves or bleeds. Above all, this new system is also more hygienic, because the cushion has been designed for single use only.

Protection and finance

EP&C carried out the necessary research to establish the possibilities for protecting this creative neurosurgeon’s inflatable lift system. We subsequently drafted the patent application, and on top of that, helped him find suitable partners to assist him with the launch of his new invention.