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"The best advice, often comes from someone who is as enthusiastic about the idea as you are."

Nyske Blokhuis studied Mechanical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology and started her career in Intellectual Property when she joined EP&C in 2001. Before joining the firm, Nyske worked as a mechanical engineering consultant, designing machines, performing failure analysis and trouble shooting.

In addition to her work as a patent attorney, Nyske trains and coaches EP&C’s junior and senior patent attorneys, and helps the candidates on the patent attorney course at Maastricht University to prepare for the European qualifying exam. This is a course that Nyske helped establish. She is also a guest lecturer for the university’s Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management Master’s Programme and teaches the Oral Proceedings Workshop at the European Patent Academy.

Nyske is professional, friendly, enterprising and creative. “When protecting a clients’ intellectual property rights, our aim is to achieve the broadest protection possible. That is why I like to take an idea and look at it from as many different angles as possible and explore all its possible variations. After all, an idea can change, depending on which direction you look at it from. The best advice, often comes from someone who is as enthusiastic about the idea as you are.”


Epi/information 2/2010 – The Pitfalls in the Swamp – discussing the new Regulations for divisional applications at the European Patent Office

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Nyske Blokhuis & Natasja Duhayon - True or False - A Methodology for the Pre-Examination of the EQE
Nyske Blokhuis & Cees Mulder: Smart in C – A simple and efficient methodology for EQE paper C
Cees Mulder & Nyske Blokhuis: Tactics for D – A methodology for EQE Paper D

Additional Functions

Non-resident teacher at Maastricht University, Faculty of Law
Tutor at the European Patent Academy