Great piece of collaboration

Market oriented research centre

Ocas Picture1The Research Centre for Steel Applications (OCAS) focuses on innovations and applications in the metals industry. OCAS conducts its own research as well as research for third parties, a lot of which relates to coatings. One example of their research is the development of a new method of chrome plating as an alternative to the current method which is soon to be banned by the EU for environmental reasons. The environmentally-friendly alternative that OCAS is developing has the potential of becoming the new global standard.

OCAS works in the energy sector and has developed a welding technique for use on the foundations of offshore windmills. It offers attractive savings on materials and construction. It goes without saying that every innovation is tested extensively according to international safety standards. OCAS has advanced equipment at its laboratories in Flanders, Belgium, for tests of this kind.

Protection for all projects

EP&C supervises the Intellectual Property protection for many of OCAS’s projects. The research centre works with a lot of different parties, which means that our supervision covers a lot of different aspects relating to patents, agreements and licences. OCAS’s principal activities in the energy sector, sustainability and the environment involve various metallurgical disciplines, from surface technologies to applications. At EP&C, our diverse expertise enables us to provide services to compliment this variety, to ensure that OCAS’s projects are optimally protected.