VB Group

Innovative greenhouse ventilation system prevents condensation

Global specialist in greenhouses and ventilation systems

VB Groep 2In collaboration with a number of its partners, VB Group has developed a new high-tech greenhouse ventilation system called ActivAir. The secret to this innovative system is its use of a heater in the exterior gable which pre-heats fresh air from outside. This fresh air is then mixed in a special mixing chamber with the moist air circulating inside the greenhouse. This method prevents a number of the problems associated with condensation in greenhouses. One problem being condensation on the crops caused when the moist air circulating inside the greenhouse comes into direct contact with fresh air from outside. By solving this problem, you can reduce the risk of rotting and save energy too.

Another important aspect, is the adjustable air vent in the exterior gable as an alternative to the heater. On warm days, the fresh air from outside can be sucked into the greenhouse through this vent with very little resistance. This saves even more energy. Moreover, the ActivAir system can be used to create slight overpressure inside the greenhouse that will stop a large percentage of bacteria from getting into the greenhouse.

The VB Group is located in Westland, a region at the heart of the Dutch agricultural and horticultural industry. It constructs greenhouses and ventilation systems across the world.

Protection for high-tech systems

EP&C carried out research for the VB Group into the elements of the ActivAir technology that would be eligible for patenting. This included drafting the patent applications. Whilst there are so many greenhouse ventilation, heating and cooling systems on the market, we are proud to have helped an innovative company such as the VB Group protect this valuable, high-tech invention.