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Your Business First


"My drive is for my clients to see the light as I want them to do well."

Jaap set up his own successful patent business by the name of Renkema Patent Consulting in 2004. The name of the company was changed to IPecunia Patents in 2008. As IPecunia and EP&C merged at the beginning of 2022. Thanks to the merger we have gained an experienced and always customer-oriented partner. Jaap studied Chemistry and then worked at DSM for several years, where he gained experience in both chemistry (as a Research Project Leader) and Intellectual Property.  

And what can these clients expect? Experience, strategic and practical thinking, Groningen level-headedness and above all a great desire to help people and companies grow.

"My drive is for my clients to see the light as I want them to do well." They often know very little about intellectual property. Helping them to make their business run even better is what I do it for. I don't sell patents, but I help people make sure they have the right protection. Not only during the application process, but also after that. Are we still doing the right things, how can we make the company run even more effectively with the aid of innovations, what protection does the client need to guarantee success? By making strategic use of patents in this way, I contribute to growth."