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"I like to go the extra mile for entrepreneurs, for people with a passion."

Matthijs van der Linden studied Mechanical Engineering and Offshore & Dredging Engineering at Delft University of Technology. After graduating he joined EP&C as a trainee patent attorney in 2016 and was sworn in as a Dutch & European Patent Attorney in 2021.

Matthijs relished and relishes a challenge in both his studies and his work. "In order to be able to achieve the best possible result, I never take the path of least resistance. Technology in itself already offers lots of challenges, but the world of patents offers all kinds of extra development opportunities on top of that, such as legal expertise and consultancy skills which are hugely important in this work. The broadness of the profession motivates me to find out more about all its different aspects."

Matthijs is enterprising, social, inquisitive and tenacious. "Passion is what drives my enthusiasm and motivation to go the extra mile. Innovative entrepreneurs generally tend to be passionate people. That’s why I value contact with customers so much. It gives me an opportunity to work with impassioned people and to give them the right advice to help them succeed."


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