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Blog | Doing business starts with your competitors' rights | EP&C

Doing business starts with your competitors' rightsIn 2018, the number of European patents applied for in the Netherlands went up by 4.6% compared with the previous year.

These patents create business space. By defining your Intellectual Property rights, you are able to stop others from running off with your product. However, your competitors are able to do the exact same as you. As a result of the growing number of patent applications, the risk of infringements is also going up.


If you, inadvertently, end up copying one of your competitors, that competitor can call you to account for this. As a result, you may simply no longer be allowed to make your product or you may have to fork out for a license. In short: infringements are costly. But how do you stop them from happening? 

Freedom to operate

Make sure you know what similar techniques and products have already been patented. With a freedom to operate search you will get an insight into the existing rights. For a start-up this could prove to be a fairly costly business. However by limiting the scale of the search, it is possible to keep costs under control. A patent attorney can help you arrange this in a way that is feasible for you.

Find your way around the World of Patents

Recognising and acknowledging the rights of third parties is very important for any start-up business. Infringements are a real risk in many sectors. A good insight into what these are is an important first step and forms the basis of a business strategy.