It's our business to put your business first.

    You are innovative and enterprising; your ideas and insights drive your business. You rely on decisiveness and speed to action, but want to move forward in a well thought-out way. What started as a good idea or a promising design is now your Intellectual Property (IP). It deserves to be protected.

    At EP&C, we work with you to protect and defend this Intellectual Property at national, European and worldwide levels. We take care of IP-related issues for patents, brands and designs, right down to the finest details.

    We have over eighty experts who are specialised in your market sectors, and we understand your business. We are committed to excellence, never stop learning and are always up-to-date with the latest innovations. As internationally recognised experts in Intellectual Property, we put all of our knowledge, experience and drive at your disposal.

    As your long-term partner in innovation, EP&C puts your business first.  

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