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EP&C supports HighTechXL deep tech startups

EP&C supports HighTechXL deep tech startupsRijswijk, 7 February 2022 - Patent agency EP&C Patent Attorneys has partnered with HighTechXL, a venture builder for deep tech startups in the Eindhoven region. HighTechXL builds teams of entrepreneurs and tech talents to work on the most advanced technologies in the world.

EP&C will be a partner in HighTechXL's programme that develops startups into independent businesses over a period of nine months. These startups are going to be working with groundbreaking high-tech technologies from companies and organisations such as CERN, TNO, Philips, the European Space Agency and other global innovators. Deep tech plays an important role in economic innovation and social transitions with knowledge areas such as photonics, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.

Sharing expertise in IP module

Intellectual property (IP) plays a key role in developing, expanding and marketing technologies. EP&C is going to support the HighTechXL startups by sharing IP expertise. "We will be providing the IP module in the HighTechXL programme that helps startups take the steps towards becoming independent businesses. On top of that we will be providing mentoring to advise and assist startups with specific questions," says Sjoerd Bielleman, Dutch Patent Attorney at EP&C.

Potentially groundbreaking innovations

EP&C has specialist knowledge of deep tech. "We like to share our expertise as widely as possible, including with startups of course. It is important for them to get their IP sorted out quickly. With this form of cooperation we are involved in potentially groundbreaking innovations from an early stage," says Bielleman.

Deep tech startup capital of the world

HighTechXL is supported by the most important players in the field of deep tech within and outside the Brainport region. ASML, Philips, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, BOM and TNO, among others, have formed a strong alliance supporting HighTechXL and its startups. This alliance's ambition is to make Eindhoven the deep-tech start-up capital of the world. The alliance is encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship by facilitating collaboration between multinationals, SMEs, research institutes and the government.