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Blog | Make a call with your finger tips | EP&C Patent Attorneys


Make a phone call by holding one finger to your ear and another one to your mouth, while your smartphone simply stays in your pocket or bag. Bone conduction makes it possible.

A strap under the name of Sgnl is being launched onto the market that enables people to make calls via bone conduction. You hold one finger to your ear and another to your mouth.

The technology in the strap sends a signal through the fingers which causes vibrations. These vibrations are subsequently translated into real sound the moment they reach the ear. Conversely, the technology converts voice into vibrations.


The Sgnl obviously has to be connected to a smartphone or a smartwatch via bluetooth for you to be able to make a call. All of the technical functions needed to make a call via bone conduction have been incorporated into the strap. The Sgnl can also be used as a strap for a smartwatch or a traditional watch. The Sgnl is going to be on sale in 2017 and is going to cost around €100. I

Circumvent a ban

The bone conduction technology, which converts vibrations against the skull into sound via the ossicular chain is already being used in hearing aids for the deaf and hard of hearing and in headphones. It already appears to be the perfect way to circumvent the upcoming ban on the use of mobile phones while cycling.