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Blog | Self-driving tractors harvest 24 hours a day | EP&C

Self-driving-tractors-harvest-24-hours-a-day.jpgIt was bound to happen, self-driving tractors that increase productivity and considerably increase the speed of planting and harvesting. They not only keep an eye on their surroundings, but also the weather.

American company CNH Industrial manufactures two types of self-driving tractors. One, which still has a cabin, and another one that no longer even has a seat for the driver to sit down and steer it. Both versions are able to plough, water, plant, cut and harvest 24 hours a day. They are more accurate then people, are inexhaustible and increase the yield of agricultural land.

Several cameras

It goes without saying that the tractors can be monitored remotely and, if necessary, it is possible to intervene remotely. To this end, they are not only fitted with GPS but also with several cameras on both the front and back. On top of that they are fitted with radar and recognition software which avoids electricity pylons and stops for moving objects that suddenly appear, such as cars, people or animals. Their speed, fuel level and supply of seed are also continually monitored.

Weather satellites

CNH Industrial reports that the self-driving tractors will also be able to determine their own working hours in the future. Thanks to a link with weather satellites they will then be able to determine the best times to harvest or plant, for instance, irrespective of the time of day.