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"Helping clients to continue innovating without having anything to worry about appeals to me." 

Thomas Verduyn joined EP&C as a Patent Attorney in January 2023 almost immediately after completing his Aerospace Engineering studies at Delft University of Technology. "I saw the vacancy and it instantly appealed to me because I have very broad interests and I really enjoy figuring out how things work. What I like about this job is the variety of subjects. Windmills, machines, oil drilling ships, but also lots of smaller things. What I'm finding out now is that there is virtually nothing that doesn't have a patent on it." 

In his work Thomas finds it important to challenge himself. "I'm quite fanatical when it comes to sport, but also when it comes to my work and studies. I'm very focussed. For now, the challenge lies in learning the legal lingo. After all, it is very important to accurately describe an innovation."    

Thomas above all to wants to be clear and open with clients and help take the load off them. “Helping clients to continue innovating without any worries appeals to me. I like to help them get that certainty. I am very open and honest when communicating with clients. If I think something is not a good idea, I will tell them. Clear communication only makes the collaboration better."