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Blog | A patent makes a world of difference | EP&C Patent Attorneys

2022-08_EP&C Patent maakt verschil_2_Kolom_356x301Staying competitive means innovating. And innovating also means competing. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition it is important that you apply for a patent for your innovation. "This not only gives your company the exclusive right to use a product or process commercially for a maximum period of 20 years, but also increases the value of your company", says Jeroen Meesters of EP&C.

EP&C Patent Attorneys is a patent agency with offices in Turnhout, Rijswijk, Amsterdam, Sittard and Utrecht. They assist innovative entrepreneurs and smart individuals with the management of their intellectual property. Among other things, EP&C helps clients with developments and inventions for which they want to apply for a patent.

"Initially, we investigate whether it actually makes sense to apply for a patent. According to the rules, an invention must always be embedded in technology. On top of that a novelty search is required. Does it already exist?"

A listening ear and clear language

EP&C consists of a team of patent attorneys who deal with patent applications worldwide. For example, EP&C currently works for various multinationals such as Bekaert and ASML, one of the largest technology companies in the world. Its clientele also includes SMEs and private inventors.

""This is one of our strengths: the subject matter is complicated, but we always use clear language so that everything is clear. In addition, we offer honest and sound advice, tailored to the client's ambitions, strategy and sales market. This combination is the only way to ensure that clients can make well-founded choices. We are a partner in their story."

Advising is therefore the key. For example, few SMEs are aware of the tax incentive they receive when they apply for a patent. "This is referred to as an innovation deduction and means that you have to pay less tax on the turnover you generate with products that are patented."

A partner in various fields

EP&C also provides design protection, whereby the outward appearance of a creation is protected. Its services also include the monitoring of rights, dealing with infringement accusations and sharing thoughts on technical inventions.

EP&C furthermore conducts complex investigations: is there a conflict with a third party and are you free to simply market your invention? "Just suppose that you want to apply for a patent for a balloon with a propeller. You will then be able to stop people from marketing it. But if I have a patent on the balloon, you will not be able to market your invention without first entering into an agreement with me. We also offer added value in these discussions."

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