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Blog | A patent on a good marriage, that's quite an invention! | EP&C

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How do you stay happy in a good marriage? Magazines are full of tips on this, but ultimately it is something very personal, of course. Each individual is unique and has different needs. So what is a patent on a good marriage all about?

Although I have been happily married to my wife for many years, I have to conclude that there is no such thing as a patent on a good marriage. Figuratively speaking, that is.

However, 'literally speaking' one does exist. A lady from Doetinchem (The Netherlands) obtained a patent in 2003 on 'An approach to ensure you have a good marriage, as well as specific products you get as a result of using this approach'. The patent tells us how two people should interact in order to have a good marriage (the end product).

Worthless patent

It is all a bit of a joke, of course, because there is not a single court that would take such a patent seriously. Why not? It is not novel, inventive and susceptible of industrial application.

Exclusive right

Moreover, if you see a patent as an exclusive right that entitles you to stop anyone else from marketing your invention, you could in fact stop someone from having a happy marriage in the case of a patent on a 'good marriage'.  However ... you may just want to give everyone a free licence!


Fortunately the patent is no longer valid and you are free to be 'loving, energetic, accurate, positive' and lots more. Let's hope that the expiry of Dutch patent no. 1023816 will not serve as a model for the love life of the patent holder who lives in Gelderland.


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