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Blog | Most read blogs in the first half of 2019 | EP&C

1908-top3_2-kolomIt seems like only yesterday that we were preparing for our anniversary year. 2019 marks EP&C's 80th anniversary, but we are already over halfway through 2019. The new corporate identity with which we celebrated that anniversary already feels completely familiar.

Needless to say, we also continued to work on a bright future. A future full of interesting collaborations, creative ideas and lots of new blogs. We will, of course, continue to write those. But with the summer in full swing, we also wanted to look back at the most read ones so far. This was your top 3.

1. That's bad luck, tax break is no more!

Rudi Riemens wrote about companies that are unexpectedly confronted with the phasing out of their Innovation Box scheme. Read here how you can prevent this from happening.

2. pharmacists Exemption

In this blog, Mark Jolink clarifies the pharmacist exemption on the production of certain types of medication. Is it or is it not problematic for manufacturers of patented medication?

3. The car of the future

Nyske Blokhuis proudly wrote about the product presentation of her client Lightyear. Is their electric car full of new technologies the vehicle of the future?

All in all it is a nice list. It highlights the diversity of our clients and colleagues.

If there are any topics you feel we should have covered or are very curious about something in particular, please let us know. In the darker months our blog is also going to be there for you with news, backgrounds, creative patents, and, of course, any special requests you might have.

For now we hope you have a wonderful summer, with perhaps a well-deserved break and every success for the second half of 2019.