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Blog | The five advantages of a Dutch Patent | EP&C Patent Attorneys

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Nine times out of ten, we recommend that you start with a Dutch patent if you are thinking of applying for one. After completing this procedure you can decide whether or not to register the Intellectual Property Rights on your innovation in a different country. You can do so via a European Patent, a PCT application and, in the future, also via the Unitary Patent. 

Why are we such big fans of Dutch Patents? 

Advantages of a Dutch Patent

  1. Your patent will always be granted. That is because the Netherlands works with a registration system (see my earlier BL&G on this). The mere fact that you have a patent can put your competitors off.

  2. You can obtain a Dutch patent quickly (within 18 months). This will give you a priority date which you can use to protect your idea outside the Netherlands, for example, via the NL PCT route.

  3. The relatively low costs of applying for a Dutch patent make it interesting. For less than € 1,000 (which excludes the costs of having the patent application drafted by a patent attorney) you will have a valuable novelty report that provides information about the strength of your patent.

  4. You can also file the Dutch patent application in English. This will save you translation costs, if you also decide to file the application internationally.

  5. Last but not least: with a Dutch patent you will have access to the Innovation Box. This will allow you to benefit from a tax break and enable you to earn back (some) of the costs incurred.

If you would like to find out more about applying for a Dutch Patent get in touch with me for some free initial advice.