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Blog | We are celebra­­ting the 80th anniversary of EP&C in colour

We are celebra­­ting the 80th anniversary of EP&C in colour

2019 has finally arrived. This is going to be a special year for EP&C, because we are celebrating our 80th anniversary. The foundations of our company were laid in 1939 with the establishment of Exterpatent, which, following a merger in 1995, became known as EP&C. In celebration of those 80 wonderful years we are proud to present our new house-style. We have a new logo, a new website and therefore a good start of this new anniversary year.

Clear website and fresh new logo

We have spent the past 80 years looking into the future with the widest possible variety of entrepreneurs, technicians and companies. What is happening in the market? How can we innovate? How can we make sure we stand out from the competition? Needless to say it is also good to constantly take a critical look at yourself. We are proud and pleased with the wonderful history of EP&C and we want to continue to be proud and pleased with EP&C for a long time to come, which is why we decided to launch a new, clear website and introduce a fresh new logo.

A logo full of colours, to reflect the diversity of our portfolio. From chemistry to electrical engineering, from packaging to horticulture, our customers and experts are involved in a wide variety of fields. Together we form a natural, strong and polished team. We make sure that your brilliant inventions are protected in the best possible way and we are proud to show that. With our logo, but also with a new website. The latter now gives you an even quicker and easier insight into our services. We not only use it to share the latest news, but also to share our values. It contains information on our employees, as well as e-books, blogs and information on how an effective patent strategy works.

We are working on a colourful future for EP&C with commitment and full of enthusiasm.