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Blog | We have moved! | EP&C Patent Attorneys

Verhuizing RijswijkThe boxes have now been unpacked and everyone has settled in. On April 17, 2023, EP&C Patent Attorneys opened the doors of our new location in Rijswijk. We are pleased with the move to The Lobby, a modern and airy building where we have beautiful offices tailored to our specific needs.

We are staying close to where we are

Afbeelding1-3The removal vans didn't have to travel far, as The Lobby is only a few hundred meters from our old office The new location has many advantages. Our new offices are designed so that it’s easy for colleagues to meet each other, share knowledge and discuss matters on an informal basis. The new offices also offer the opportunity to meet with clients and business partners in a most pleasant setting. Optimal circumstances for our professionals to perform in, with an even higher level of service as a result.

Celebratory opening

A celebratory change calls for a celebratory opening. Once we have found our feet in our new offices we will celebrate the move with a drinks reception. You will receive more information about this at a later stage.