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Blog | Wolterink & Kox: Associate Partners at EP&C | EP&C

De Grave & Kox: Associate Partners at EP&CIsabelle Wolterink and Jordi Kox have been appointed Associate Partners at EP&C. Through these appointments, EP&C ties their experience and vision even more closely to the organisation.

Isabelle Wolterink, MSc has been employed at patent agency EP&C in Rijswijk since 2003. Her main area of expertise lies in the field of mechanical engineering, coatings, packaging materials, drilling engineering, maritime technologies and so on. Isabelle: "I have always done my best to have a good relationship with everyone, to listen carefully to problems and to help others come up with solutions. I feel committed to EP&C, which is why I am pleased to be able to do my bit as an Associate Partner."

Jordi Kox, MSc, LLM joined EP&C as a patent attorney in 2006. He works with customers specialised in, among other things, mechanical engineering, oil and gas technologies, production systems, transport and storage systems, medical equipment and horticultural technologies.

On top of that he handles oppositions to patents granted by the European Patent Office (EPO) and regularly acts as an independent expert in seizures of evidence instructed by the Dutch court. He is just as driven about the various projects he works on as he is enthusiastic about the future: Jordi: "I look forward to building on EP&C's success."