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Blog | The most read blogs of 2022 | EP&C Patent Attorneys

2022-07 EP&C Beeld Top3_2_Kolom_356x301For the first time in the history of EP&C blogs the most read blogs of the first six months of 2022 are also this year's winners. And that is hardly surprising as two of the blogs deal with topics that brought about major changes in 2022: news about the Unitary Patent which is now becoming a reality and the merger of EP&C/IPecunia and EP&C. Here are the best read blogs of 2022.

3. A month in the life of Formalities Officer Charlotte

Did you know that our Patent Attorneys are assisted by Formalities Officers? They play a very important role because, for example, they ensure that all deadlines are met and provide the administrative support for patent applications.

Charlotte Gerkes started at EP&C as a Formalities Officer at the beginning of 2022 and in this blog talks about her first impressions. From knowing nothing about patents to discovering how great it is to be one of the first people to see new inventions emerge. If you think you might make a good Formalities Officer, check for yourself in this blog.

2. The starting shot for the Unitary Patent Court and the Unitary Patent has been fired!

Right now, the most important development in our field is the establishment of the Unitary Patent and the Unitary Patent Court. In this blog Walter Hart explains that the Unitary Patent is a new patent which allows you to protect your innovation in a large part of the EU in one go. This is an important change if your company deals with intellectual property. You get greater geographical coverage at a lower cost.

The creation of the Unitary Patent Court (UPC) also contributes to the simplification of the patent system. This new European patent court will take decisions on disputes concerning the new Unitary Patents and, in certain cases, also on existing European patents. 

1. EP&C Patent Attorneys and IPecunia Patents are joining forces

Menno Ong's blog about the merger with IPecunia Patents, a patent agency in Limburg, is the clear number one. In his blog, Menno describes the collaboration as the old cliché about finding a partner i.e. that you are much more likely to meet someone when you are not looking for them. The merger of EP&C and IPecunia gives clients access to even more expertise, for instance in the area of Chemistry. Read more about the story behind the collaboration and what it means for you as a client in the blog.

In 2023, we will continue to inform you with blogs about intellectual property. If there are any other subjects that you have burning questions about, please let us know!