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Blog | EP&C Patent Attorneys and IPecunia Patents are joining forces


The cliché is true: you are much more likely to meet someone when you are not looking for them. This is exactly what happened in the case of EP&C Patent Attorneys and IPecunia Patents. They are joining forces on 3 January 2022. The patent offices are complementary to each other, for example in terms of their areas of expertise. By entering into a close collaboration, the firms will have more knowledge in house to protect the intellectual property of their clients. 

EP&C Patent Attorneys has offices in Rijswijk, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Turnhout (Belgium) and IPecunia Patents is based in Sittard. For both the companies, this collaboration not only means an expansion of the geographical area they cover, but also of their expertise. IPecunia Patents has extensive knowledge of the area of Chemistry, while EP&C is a strong player in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Life Sciences and High Tech. What they have in common is that they both excel in strategic advice for clients.

Not looking for a partner, but nevertheless a shared future

Menno Ong, Managing Director of EP&C, explains why the collaboration with IPecunia Patents fits into EP&C's strategy: "We have had the ambition to grow slightly larger for some time now. Chemistry, for example, is one of the areas of expertise we would like to expand. We would normally hire and train people ourselves. So we were not looking for a partner. But then we came across IPecunia Patents. Their expertise in the field of Chemistry, the way they put their clients first in everything they do and their corporate culture were a good fit with EP&C. It is therefore only logical for us to have a shared future."

Jaap Renkema, Managing Director of IPecunia Patents, also sees the merger with EP&C as a natural step. "I would like to broaden our core expertise with a firm that speaks the same language. That language is that we strive for the success of our clients in everything we do. By joining forces with EP&C our clients will be able to draw on even more high-quality expertise in an even broader area. There are more of us to advise our clients."  

Vision of a better world

For Menno Ong, patenting is not just about protecting innovations. "Putting clients first in everything we do is EP&C's basic strength. I also see that culture at IPecunia Patents. It goes even further than that. We see it as a professional honour to make the world a better place through innovations. That is why we work with our clients to help them with their development and protection. The innovation must contribute something to the planet. For example, we do not want to work on innovations that make the world a worse place."

Customer centricity also fits within IPecunia Patents' culture Jaap Renkema explains: "IPecunia Patents' philosophy is not to simply sell as much as possible. We really want the best for our clients, we want them to do well. And if that means that not patenting is better for them, then that is what we recommend. We also have short lines of communication, everything is well organised. We really look after our clients. This working method fits in well with EP&C and we can learn even more from each other in this respect."  

History of EP&C and IPecunia Patents

EP&C has a rich history. The foundations were laid in 1939 with the establishment of the patent and trademark office Exterpatent in The Hague. Following a merger with Polak & Charlouis, EP&C was founded in 1995. EP&C currently employs around 85 people, including roughly 35 patent and design specialists. Worldwide, EP&C is a recognised advisor and service provider in the field of intellectual property protection.

IPecunia Patents owes its name to the combination of IP- intellectual property - and Pecunia, which means money. The philosophy behind this is that by protecting intellectual property, IPecunia Patents increases the value of its clients. IPecunia Patents was founded by Jaap Renkema in 2006. Its offices are located in Sittard, where 5 employees are currently working on the protection of innovations.

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