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Blog | What inspires curious patent attorneys | EP&C Patent Attorneys


Patent attorneys are, by nature, curious and inquisitive scientists. They love engineering and technology and have chosen a technical/legal profession. Worthwhile inventions always generate new inspiration.

In effect the inspiration for the patent attorney is inherent in many elements of the job, explains Mark Jolink, patent attorney at patent office EP&C. “It is fantastic that we are acquiring a greater understanding and more knowledge and are able to use these in our technology. I feel genuinely happy when someone makes an invention through a better understanding of the substance. For example if a professor at the Netherlands Cancer Institute increases his understanding through research of how a certain type of cancer can be treated even more effectively”, Jolink explains.

Knowledge and creativity

It is then up to the patent attorney to apply his own knowledge and creativity to the invention in order to provide optimal protection for the intellectual property rights to the invention. “In effect society is then rewarding the creativity of the inventor with an IP right. This is where we get our inspiration from. After all, the patenting system motivates people to improve things constantly. Whether this means biotechnology or mechanical engineering, as patent attorneys we enjoy the technical prowess and creativity of our clients. At every level. Innovations, whether large or small, continually make the world a better place. ‘I would like to have been there when certain inventions were made’ is something that every scientist thinks of from time to time. As patent attorneys we have the opportunity to be there each and every day. That is what drives us”, Jolink concludes.

If you are also a creative, curious and inquisitive scientist who wants to be involved at the cutting edge of engineering, technology and law, you should check out the vacancies at EP&C.