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CNH New Holland Agriculture CR1090 Dusk 1CNH Industrial is a global manufacturer of agricultural machinery and, among other things, owner of the brand families Case, New Holland, Iveco and FPT Industrial. As such, the manufacturer has a wide range of machines including tractors, balers, chippers and combine harvesters. In Belgium, New Holland is particularly well-known for its pioneering but accessible technologies that improve agricultural efficiency and productivity.

1 machine, 100 patents

The CNH Industrial engineers are always looking for ways to optimise the machines. In addition, anyone who has an idea for improving a machine or a component is free to share it on an internal platform. To adequately protect all these developments and new technologies, CNH Industrial has its own patent department at its manufacturing site in Zedelgem, West Flanders. Every New Holland machine carries dozens or even hundreds of patents. "We obviously don't have a patent on a machine as a whole, but rather on the individual components," Beetz explains. These range from a new mechanism for separating wheat from chaff to an element that ensures the machine consumes less fuel. There is a constant stream of developments, resulting in about 100 patent applications a year. In order to be able to cope with such a large volume and still have the necessary flexibility as a company CNH Industrial works with EP&C. "One of our recent patent applications in collaboration with EP&C was for an improved mechanism to separate grain from the rest of the crop," says Beetz.


Beetz is a big fan of EP&C's thorough approach. "They are great at helping us look at the broader picture," Beetz explains. This is where Beetz sees the added value of an external partner: "The people from EP&C are not part of the company, so they have a fresh look on our inventions. At the same time they have enough technical know-how to contribute ideas. A perfect combination!" according to Beetz.

The collaboration is also going really well. You always know where you stand with EP&C. I really appreciate this transparent way of communicating, Beetz concludes.

CNH Industrial